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What is Wifi?

Wifi or WFC is simply the wireless connection you use to access the internet. With Wifi available and an NDS that supports wifi, you can access Ninntendo's Wifi connection (NWFC). While you may have a wireless internet connection, there is a difference between connecting to the internet regularly and connecting to Nintendo's WFC. Nintendo has its own separate WFC that is only supported by certain wireless routers. Luckily most routers support Nintendo's connection, but there are still other ways to access wifi thats not at home. We'll cover that as we move on.

How do I get Wifi?

There are several ways to connect to the internet and Nintendo's Wifi Connection. Since there are several ways, they'll just be listed here.

1. Have an internet modem with a wifi router that supports Nintendo Wifi. This is the most common way to access NWFC. The better your router is, the more likely your connection to NWFC will be better. This is a fairly straightforward setup.

2. Have a Nintendo supported USB that connects to your computer. If you don't have a wireless router, this is one way to go. Connect the USB to your computer that is hooked up to your internet via ethernet cable. This USB will be able to use the computer's internet to send out a wifi signal that supports NWFC.

3. Find a wifi Hotspot. This may seem out of the way, but if the other two above options aren't available this is the easiest way to find wifi. Lots of common chain stores have free wifi. Just look for the wifi sign out front. Walk in and connect to NWFC. That simple.

4. The last option is a tip to try and find some sort of wifi connection when you aren't at home or in a wifi hotspot area. Just open up your NDS and go to the wifi configuration screen. Search for possible wifi points to connect to using the standard connection setup. If anything pops up and isn't blocked, use it, if not then too bad. This works well if you're at a friend's or relative's house who has access to wifi. If they have a blocked network, you could ask for the password since its friends and family.

How to log into Nintendo WFC

Here is the list of steps in order to log into Nintendo Wifi Connection. This allows you to battle, trade, and chat online over wifi.

1. Get a Wifi Connection. The ways to do this were listed in above.

2. Now with your wifi connection ready to go, start up your game and go to the start screen. No not your in-game menu, but the start screen where the game asks if you want to continue, start a new game, or choose options for your game. A few selections below should a Wifi Connection option. Select that option.

3. Once you selected the wifi option on your start screen, the game will ask you for what kind of wifi you are currently using. You'll see two options. USB or find internet connection. If you have a USB, select that option. Any other kind of wifi you would select the other option. Once you have followed this step, everything else tells you what to do in order to connect properly. So read the directions carefully.

4. Once your wireless connection is saved, go back to the start screen and go in-game. Go to the basement (downstairs of any Pokemon Center) and talk to the Receptionist in front of the door. You'll be able to log into NWFC from here. Exit after you do this step and check your Pal Pad in your Key Items slot. It would have automatically given you your Friend Code (FC). In your Pal Pad you can register other people's Friend Codes (FC) and give people your own Friend Code (FC). You can check your Friend Code (FC) on your Pal Pad.

5. Once you exchange Friend Codes (FC) with another trainer, you can now battle, trade, or chat over wifi or visit the Wifi Plaza to play games.

*Note whenever a new game is started or you change your NDS, you will have to get a new Friend Code. So follow the steps above you get your new FC. You'll also have register new friends again.


Thanks for reading and have fun over Nintendo Wifi Connection!

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