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Crimson Elites

The Crimson Elites are an exclusive group of trainers that have proven their worth and have excelled in training, battling, and being respectful to other trainers alike.  While the Elites are tough and ruthless in battle, their #1 motto is play clean, play hard, play to win, and to have fun.


Standard Battle Clauses

Evasion Clause

Legit/Legal Clause

OHKO Clause

Sleep Clause

Species Clause

Luck Items Clause

Self-KO Clause

Uber Clause (when applicable)

Crimson Soldier


Friend Code: 4082-1410-7547

Motto: "From Ashes to Ashes"

Crimson Knight


Friend Code: 2794-2955-9444

Motto: "The Diamond in the Rough"

Crimson Demise


Friend Code: 3180-9419-2591

Motto: "It's not what you use, but how you use it"

Tutor/Apprentice Program

New and seasoned players looking to improve their battling capabilities should look no further! Our Tutor/Apprentice Program aims to help those who are willing to learn the ins and outs of competitve battling. The instructions that will be given will go past those mundane "Rate my Team" or "Best team Ever" threads where people give advice that have no guarantee of being helpful. However our Elites will give the experience you need to exceed!


What We Can Do For You

If you choose to learn the higher ups of competitive battling, here is what we hope to accomplish.


1. Create a good understanding about the competitve metagame.

2. Learn the possible strategies, what each pokemon is best suited for, and how to train your pokemon to their fullest.

3. Guide you through the particular areas you specifically want to learn.

4. Create at least one new team you would be proud of training.

5. Trying to meet frequently through chatrooms, PM, or forums at to help you learn.

6. Lastly, enoying your Tutor/Apprentice experience and in hopes that you will become a tutor someday!


How to Sign Up

You must be readily willing to learn as this process has a huge learning curve. If anyone is interested in signing up, send a PRIVATE MESSAGE to paleHorse91 on A time schedule and tutor will be set from there.


General Advice

If you just want general advice, feel free to send a PM to any of our tutors on They will be able to answer and respond within the next few days of your message.

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